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Our history


On September 3th, 1996, Sextacor, Soluções Gráficas, lda. was born. We started by dedicating ourselves solely and exclusively to photolithography outputs, color proofs and offset assembly. We still produce photoliths today.


We started to produce large format digital printing, complemented by vinyl cutting, thus expanding the range of services. 


We started production of small format color digital printing. 


Introduction of high-volume black and white equipment.


We changed premises, leaving the Villa Sousa floor to move to Rua das Beatas, where we are today.


Over time, we have made permanent updates to printing equipment so that we are always at the forefront of existing printing technology.

Our Name

In Portuguese, Sextacor means the sixth color. 

We are often asked: what is the sixth color? 

In graphic arts slang it is usual to call direct colors: special colors. 

As the company is special, we opted for the name QUINTACOR, but the RNPC was not approved and the name SEXTACOR was chosen, which was in the 2nd option, in the 3rd option was PENTACROMIA.  

It's not about any specific color. The name refers to the solutions provided above the traditional four colors. It can also be considered an analogy to our 5 senses, the 6th sense: that of intuition.


Our Team


Pedro Dias

General Manager

Hello. I'm Pedro... 

I really like the sun and heat. I don't like the cold. 


I believe that if we spend most of our lives working, we should do something that we enjoy accompanied by people with whom we get along well. Only then can we feel fulfilled with what we do. I like organization, tidying and cleaning in what I get involved in. I try to discover work processes, equipment and materials that are always as innovative as possible.


I like to do sports, but I don't like football and associated clubbing. 

I enjoy eating and drinking in good company, with intellectually stimulating conversation. 


Isabel Gorjão

Administrative Services

Hello. I'm Isabel...

I love to laugh, I appreciate the sweetness of cherries and I find happiness on sunny days. The cold makes me shrink, I prefer the heat of the sun on my face.

I don't have patience for annoying people and I don't understand the charm of bait. For me, joy is in the simple things in life.

IMG_9573 2.jpeg

Gonçalo Pais


Hello. I'm Gonçalo...

I am passionate about aviation, both commercial and military. When I'm not exploring the skies, I find tranquility with my family and friends. My favorite type of music is the powerful sound of metal, and for me there is nothing like enjoying a delicious francesinha.


Now, sushi and fish aren't my thing, and Iphones just don't win me over. People with no sense of humor? I prefer to keep my distance from them and share laughter with those who understand the value of humor.


Daniella Teles

Designer and Finalist Art

Hello. I'm Daniella...

I love photography. My children are my joy and reading and getting lost in books and stories is my passion.

If there is one thing that revolts me, it is injustice and ingratitude. But what really terrifies me are the cockroaches.

joao breno.jpg

João Breno

Specialist in Large Format 

(vinyl print, cut and assembling)

Hello. I'm João...

My life is a mix of skateboarding, country music and beach breezes. Skateboarding is my passion, country music is my soundtrack and the beach is my refuge. Now, pumpkin? No way. Traffic? A nightmare. And conflicting people? I flee from them like the plague.

Life is too short for these problems. I prefer the simplicity and joy of the things I love.

Marta Ribeiro


Hi I'm Marta...

My life is summed up in God, Family, skateboarding, I love singing and playing the guitar and I can't live without fries.


I hate fruits, salads, vegetables... I'm not healthy at all, as a good Brazilian I love barbecue. 


I don't like clutter, I have a flair for organization and cleanliness.


I hate the cold.

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