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Pricing and sending files

Bleeds and Crop Marks

Bleed is the extra margin, in addition to the measure of the cut of the work. The file to be printed must have more than the cut margin, at least 3 mm all around. It is advisable to avoid texts or motifs that do not want to be cut less than 5 mm from the edge of the work. Avoid saving files with color scales or crosshairs.

Resolution and File Types

The ideal resolution for files for laser printing with images, text and vectors is 300 DPI. For large format digital printing, in plotter, it already depends on the final desired format. In general, 150 DPI arrives if the image is in the final format. We prefer, PDF in curves (paths) or outlines, for laser printing and in TIFF for printing in large format plotter. We can, however, receive other formats (Ai, JPEG, CDR, PNG, PSD, etc.). If this is the case, contact us to give the best advice .

Color Profiles

For plotting, the files can be in RGB or CMYK . For printing in a small Laser format, the files must be sent in CMYK.

Black Text

It is highly advisable that black texts do not have percentages of color (s) other than 100% black.
In gray scales, they should only have black in their constitution.

Lenses, Transparencies and Overprint

The graphics programs allow the inclusion of lenses and certain visualization functions that may not be included in the final result of the work. Converting an image to a TIFF file and / or rectifying overprint cases avoids serious errors, which create that some reasons may not appear in the final work despite being seen on the monitor.
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